5.8L GT500 LONG BLOCK (LM354L)

Sale price $34,985.00

L&M Engines LM354L 5.8L Aluminum Long Block

Our GT500 LM354L engine package is the completed long block form of our short block offering LM354S. Available in two forms: undressed with no timing cover or valve covers, or an option of, fully dressed which includes new valve and timing covers. We have countless hours of research and development in the engines we offer and they are built to be bulletproof under extreme conditions such as drag or mile racing. We also take into consideration that many of our customers are not building full blown racecars and will often drive their cars under street conditions; final application is paramount. The LM354L can be finished with either a supercharger or a turbocharger setup and has put down impressive numbers in both configurations. This is the go to choice for a GT500 if you are looking to actually put down 1000+HP numbers. Customer reports have shown this long block has made 1200-1400 HP with various configurations

Standard configuration is undressed without timing, valve covers, ATI Balancer, , Oil pan, oil pick up, or windage tray. If you would like to receive new covers or reuse your old ones please contact us.

This price is for a full build and includes all the supporting components such as empty cylinder head castings, rocker arm assemblies, intake and exhaust lifters.


Options: Choose Non-Sleeved or Sleeved Block for extra durability

The Build

Block Ford 5.8L Aluminum Block
Crankshaft 5.4L Cobra Jet Steel Crankshaft
Pistons LM880 Custom Pistons (9.5:1 CR other compression available as option)
Rods Manley Pro I Beam Billet Rods
Rings Total Seal Steel Rings for GT500 Plasma Bore
Rod Bearings King Engine XPN Series
Main Bearings King Engine HP Series
Fasteners ARP ARP main studs, side bolts and head studs
Cylinder Heads CNC Ported GT500 Cylinder Heads
Camshafts L&M Engines Custom Grind Installed and Degree


CNC Ported GT500 Heads

No need to ruin your stock cylinder heads by having them ported. In a full build package we use factory Ford GT500 cylinder heads that are then CNC ported to our specifications.

Super Cobra Jet Oil Pump with TSS Billet Oil Pump Gears

New super cobra jet oil pump with Triangle Speed Shop’s billet oil pump gears. A stout combination that corrects a common failure point on Modular Engines when pushing the horsepower limits.

Ferrea Super Alloy Valves

Ferrea super alloy valves are built to withstand the extreme heat requirements of turbocharged, supercharged, or nitrous oxide injected engines.

L&M Custom Camshafts Installed and Degree

We are the camshaft experts when it comes to the Ford Modular Engine. Every completed camshaft is verified against the design data to ensure the final product is within proper specifications. We then go on to use this production data to degree the camshafts into perfect position leaving no missed horsepower behind.

Full Race Engine Prep

Every engine gets the full race preparation whether it’s destined for the street or the track.


  • Measure main bearing bores and alignment
  • Install honing stress plates to measure plasma spray cylinders for size and fit
  • Wash block for assembly
  • Install pistons on rods with locks and check clearances
  • Digitally balanced crankshaft
  • Polish crankshaft and check journal dimensions
  • Wash crankshaft for assembly
  • Precision file end gaps of piston rings for required application
  • Measure main & rod clearances, selective fit bearings for proper oil clearance, install bearings
  • Assemble Ford Modular engine to short block configuration
  • Review all dimensions & clearances
  • Final QA and inspection


Some of Our Customers

Kenneth Polk’s 2013 GT500

During the March 2015 Texas Mile, the new guy, Kenny Polk and his 2013 GT500 broke the mile recording with an impressive run of 221.8 against a head wind. Also powered by one of our 5.8L long blocks it was able dethrone the previous record holder, which was also powered by one of our engines.

Kenny returned for the 2016 March Texas Mile where he was able to break the record again this time pushing his car to an impressive 232.4MPH run.


Engine Block Exchange Policy