Continuing with our tradition of high strength pistons for supercharger or turbocharger applications we've developed a piston to fit the Coyote 5.0

0.300+ thick piston crowns to withstand added combustion heat

0.300" down top ring to reduce ring overheating

0.130"+ skirt thickness for strength

Valve reliefs for performance cams

We developed our pistons to retain the factory piston cooling nozzles, a valuable feature of the Coyote 5.0

As all L&M pistons are coated we have the crown ceramic coated and skirt Teflon coated

Compression 11-1 or 9.5-1 as standard, other compressions a low cost option

The pistons are our private label brand and available to no one else and come with a super discount when all the custom piston options, as we have, are accounted for.

* All sets can come with Total Seal AP steel ring sets at a super bargain when purchased with a piston set *

Stay tuned for new and exciting products from L&M as we continue to research and develop additional performance parts for the Coyote 5.0 engine.